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Python for Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic s60v5

Hi, yesterday I was browsing around application for My Nokia 5600 ExpresMusic phone. I found some cool applications written in python. I have to install python runtime to run these application.

Thee is no stable version released for s60 v5 Symbian edition, but there is a test release available. you can download it from here .

After installation Python I installed XpressAlarm but nither Xpress Alarm or Python console was starting. I searched enough but did not found anything. Finally I give up.

Today morning I updated my mobile firmware to 21.0.025. and checked python, It worked!!! Yahoooo!!!

So if you are unable to run python on your Symbian phone, update firmware. Here is procedure,

Goto Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone mgmt. > Device update > Option > Check for update

After taping Check for update you will see downloading confirmation and update begin to download. Install it and phone will restart. Don’t forget to take backup of your phone memory also songs come with 5800 ExpressMusic (My music files came with Nokia is not working after update).


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