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Javascript dubugging in IE7

Yesterday I got stuck into a serious issue! I generally use Firefox (with my favorite firebug & webdeveloper toolbar) for development. I developed a small game in which I was using JSON to get data from server and mootools js library for Ajax. The system was working well on Firefox but got stuck on IE7. Even after wasting 2 hours I got nothing. The bad thing about IE is, that it doesn’t have support for developers. I also searched IE official add on site but nothing found.
Finally I found a solution in a blog. The ms script debugger. Its very good tool for script debugging. Microsoft should provide it by default with IE distribution.
You can get this debugger with MS Office xp / 2000 distribution (Use complete install) or on microsoft download website.
Install it and follow these steps.
Go to Tools->Internet Option->Advance and uncheck Disable script debugging
Now run your page if there are any JS error the you will receive a notification Click on Yes.
Select new Instance and continue. Here you will see exact error line.
That’s great…. Now enjoy debugging on IE 😉


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