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The Art Of Living – 3

1. A servant breathes in gratitude. Every moment in his life is a joy, is flowing out of gratitude, is out tears.

2. When the negativity reaches its peak, like an overloaded balloon, it bursts and comes back to the Divinity.

3. Unlimited possibilities are open to one who is not clear and not confused.

4. Are you aware of the intention behind your actions?

5. Anything that helps you to become unconditionally happy and loving is what is called spirituality.

6. Plan for the future, definitely Have a vision But live now, in the moment. Often people live in the future, but don’t plan for the future.

7. You may not be using all the knowledge but you have it all.

8. If trust, this one thing happens in us, our life will completely be transformed. It’ll be very, very different.

9. What do we want in life? It all coils down to happiness. Be quiet for a while… speechless. Cross over the ocean of misery.

10. When you are enjoying yourself, feel gratitude. This gratefulness will make the joy stay in your life. And that joy turns into love.

11. If we hold onto any object considering it as our right, we will not be able to derive any happiness from it.

12. Be willing to be wordless. Then if words do come up, they become poetry. Or prayer. Or singing. These words move us deeply.

13. Its good to be feverish for knowledge. That’s the last feverishness, and then everything calms down.

14. Do not brand anyone as negative. Have compassion for his or her ignorance. Your prayers to change them will help them & you..!!!

15. Living like a child without apprehension is called surrender. Thinking that everybody belongs to me and just believe in that is surrender.

16. A religious man who is righteous & loving will definitely care for the welfare of the whole population & hence becomes a true politician.

17. Be full of enthusiasm & zeal. Enthusiasm is like a sword that cuts through anything. And then you will blossom.

18. You should be ready for any challenge. This readiness will make you happy..!!

19. Don’t seek guidance for your life, lets life guide you. Your life is so insignificant, so what guidance do you seek?

20. Right now enormous activity is happening in the mind, in the present. In the Now! This mind is what you can call Atma or God & that is what you are.