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The Knol – Google’s Weapon to beat Wikipedia

The Internet Giant Google has Began battle with well known Open source encyclopedia Wikipedia. Google recently opened Knol for public. Knol is basically a site where people can write there article about any subject of there interest. The key principle behind Knol is authorship. Unlike Wikipedia the author has full control over his article (Knol). The author of article has ownership of article. The other people can suggest changes but the original author has to approve these changes to appear on site. Google named this feature as “moderated collaboration”.

Knol also have some good community features. The authors and user can comments, rate, or write a review of a knol. Another great feature is, user can add Google ads on his Knol same as Blogger. Google will provide the author with a revenue share from the proceeds of those ad placements.

However Knol is very new in the www and have very few content than Wikipedia therefore you may not find your interested subject. You have to wait until Knol grows and able to serve good information. Knol has some exiting features compare to Wikipedia. However I don’t think that Google will win this war!! Do you??


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