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Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.
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Hack Windows 7 with Vbootkit 2.0

A proof-of-concept security exploit in Microsoft?s Windows 7 operating system has been released by Indian security researchers. The exploit has…

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Large File Upload

Recently I faced a big problem with large file uploads. One of my client has a Centos5  dedicated server. I…

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Windows7 Release Candidate

Windows has launched Windows 7 Release Candidate.  According to windows team, the have fixed 100s of issue in windows. They…

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jQuery and Me…

I use mootools for all JS related tasks. Mootools is good library but has very limited support and few plugin…

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flv, ffmpeg and PHP: File conversion

Hi friends, 2 days ago I got a project in which I have to upload avi, mpeg or 3gp movie…


CakePHP Blank Page

When you move cakephp site from 1 server to anothr, you sometimes see blank page even debuging is on. To…


Javascript dubugging in IE7

Yesterday I got stuck into a serious issue! I generally use Firefox (with my favorite firebug & webdeveloper toolbar) for…


The Art of Living – 4

1. The conflict in the world is because people are either stuck in their identity & die for it, or…


The Art Of Living – 3

1. A servant breathes in gratitude. Every moment in his life is a joy, is flowing out of gratitude, is…

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SoftException in Application.cpp:303:

Recently I came across following when deploying webapplication on Linux serevr… SoftException in Application.cpp:303: UID of script “/home/xyz/public_html/en/pupgrade.php” is smaller…