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Moving Magento site from development server to live server

Recently I faced problem to move magento site from local (LAMP) environment to web server. I am posting steps to…

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15 PHP regular expressions for web developers

Regular expressions are a very useful tool for developers. They allow to find, identify or replace text, words or any kind of characters. In this article, I have compiled 15+ extremely useful regular expressions that any web developer should have in his toolkit.

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Path variables in PHP

Many of you develop php applications for multiple server environment. Webserver environment may be different, have different directory structure, so…

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Large File Upload

Recently I faced a big problem with large file uploads. One of my client has a Centos5  dedicated server. I…

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jQuery and Me…

I use mootools for all JS related tasks. Mootools is good library but has very limited support and few plugin…

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flv, ffmpeg and PHP: File conversion

Hi friends, 2 days ago I got a project in which I have to upload avi, mpeg or 3gp movie…

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SoftException in Application.cpp:303:

Recently I came across following when deploying webapplication on Linux serevr… SoftException in Application.cpp:303: UID of script “/home/xyz/public_html/en/pupgrade.php” is smaller…

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CakePHP Controller

Now let’s move further. the next part is controller. Controller has logics (some times reffered Business logic in Java). In…

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How to Install cakePHP (Cake PHP)

I got some comments about installing cakephp. please follow this link to get full guide. If you have any trouble…