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flv, ffmpeg and PHP: File conversion

Hi friends, 2 days ago I got a project in which I have to upload avi, mpeg or 3gp movie…

Cakephp Controller PHP

CakePHP Controller

Now let’s move further. the next part is controller. Controller has logics (some times reffered Business logic in Java). In…

Cakephp PHP

How to Install cakePHP (Cake PHP)

I got some comments about installing cakephp. please follow this link to get full guide. If you have any trouble…


My first cake bite – 1

Hi In my organisation I got a project on cakephp. I nevre hrd abt any framework in php. This is…


Why CakePHP?It has many features that makes it a great framework for developing applications swiftly and with the least amount…